Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Landscape Painting... Digital Style

(click image for the full size view)

This is not a new piece by any means, but it is a favorite. I painted this in Photoshop back in 2004 as just a practice piece to try to better my digital painting skills. I was pretty happy with how this turned out and I remember really getting into the zone while painting it.

Painting digitally is different than painting in oils, but there are also lots of similarities. For instance, when painting digitally I use a wacom tablet and (as in oils) start off with large brushes, then work my way down in size as needed. And there is a flow to both that seems to escape acrylics. It seems the digital painting has helped the oil painting and vice versa, of course.


jrmedia - on painters & painting said...

Jeff, whats the starting point with a work like this - a photo yeah? Do you ever print these onto canvas?

Jeff said...

Hey James! Yep, for this one I painted from a photograph. I've never gone the canvas printing route, no. It might be something to consider for some things. I print some of my pieces as limited ed. prints and use a heavyweight matte paper for those. At some point I would like to maybe try the velvet fine art paper too.