Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kiwi Slices

Oil on panel

Painting slices of citrus fruit of any kind is good practice, but kiwi slices seem to be especially good to paint. There is quite a difference in textures between the skin and the inside of the fruit, plus the variation in translucent green color and value to capture as well.


Ming said...

coming bact to painting after a long layoff, i'm discovering i'm bood with some colours and not so good with others.... i'm not good with green.

you are:)

Jeff said...

Thanks! Greens can be tricky. I use black and various yellows for some greens... also ultramarine mixed with yellows. I don't subscribe to that "don't use black" rule.

Bejoy Zac said...

I'm not very good in Oil painting and always surprised to see how natural you can paint with oil colors.
This one is too good.