Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is an acrylic painting I did in 2005, and is part of a series of small paintings focusing on trees.

This was back when I was still painting with acrylics. I've pretty much gone back to oils now, but I will probably go back to acrylics every now and then. They do have a few advantages, the main one being they dry so quickly so that if needed, the turnaround time between starting the painting and shipping it off can be next to nothing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are extremely talented. And I mean this about ALL of your paintings.

Jeff Ward said...

Hey, a blast from the past :) Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the art.

Angeliqua said...

That's really cool, not only because it's beautiful, but because it's super-original. :D Keep up the good work.

Jeff Ward said...

thanks :)