Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Apple and Orange Daily Oil Painting


5" x 7", Oil on panel


Rachel said...

This painting is awesome! If I couldn't have it for free I'd have to buy it, seriousssssssly.

Very old masterly; well done!

Wodjo said...

You do very good work Jeff

Mary said...

Lovwe the mood and colors in this!

wendy said...

How beautfully timeless your work is. Very elegant painting. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Jeff said...

Thanks all! I really appreciate the kind words. I was definitely going for a timeless feel for this one, and incidentally, a couple of days after finishing it I ran across this essay: http://www.paulgraham.com/taste.html.

This is a fantastic essay and a must read, I think. The author brings up quite a few points that I've been thinking about (and specifically tried to apply to this painting).

Anonymous said...

hi jeff - your work is incredible! i love your subtle attention to detail. have you thought about entering your work into art contests? i just uploaded a bunch of my stuff into Zannel Fest - it's a fun, wacky art & film festival with some cool prizes and cash. you should check it out - www.zannelfest.com. Keep up the awesome work!

Tom Brown said...

Greaat work! I just found your site and love your art. - Tom Brown

amber said...

best darn orange i've ever seen painted

philkin said...

I love your work. would like to see more, landscapes, portraits, etc.

Phil Kinneer
Bonsai trees, supplies, & accessories