Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pear Daily Oil Painting


4" x 4", Oil on canvas panel.

A good thing about these daily paintings is the ability to experiment with techniques and processes that you haven't really tried before. For this painting, I started out with a base layer (imprimatura) of burnt sienna. I usually start out on a toned ground, but it's almost always a warm grey, burnt umber, or some sort of grey-green. So, this was uncharted waters... sort of. I liked how the actual painting turned out, but getting the digital file to match the original was a real pain. I ended up using a layer mask technique (more uncharted waters) in Photoshop to blend two different exposures together to match the original. Happily, after much tweaking, I finally got an accurate match.


Bonnie G Morrow said...

Love this pear. The colors are incredible - just a delight to gaze upon! Great Job!

cheryl meehan said...

I like the inner glow.

Jeff said...

Thanks, I appreciate your comments. Glad you liked it!